714 Commits (development)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Voigt df64d4fafb fixed initial spawn not storing positional data 1 month ago
  Christian Voigt 5cf5278bb9 fixed issue with the bot crashing when trying to view the locations widgets without any players or locations in the database 1 month ago
  Christian Voigt 11db11d9b5 updated readme to reflect the current version 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 3fff4eaad9 put module actions in queue and execute them from there to avoid swamping of the bot 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 19ca2abd42 added "prison", to keep players from doing harm to the server, for example, new players during bloodmoon inside the village 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 9b90095178 removed PLAYER_NOT_ONLINE errors for say to player from the debug-log 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 43f8a2a713 fixed send me home and teleport commands 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 3628617034 added more flags to options for finer permission stuff. like level and permission thresholds 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt d42ba9a9db implemented new get_player_dict function in more actions and triggers 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f9f688d4ee renamed a few triggers to better describe them 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 408c4ac7d0 unified module structure regarding observer interval and loops. it's only cosmetic really. 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 81dbef7725 added get_location_dict to module_locations, implemented in locations_widget for testing 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 17a16975f6 fixed bug in get_player_coordinates, it wasn't even looking in the right places--- 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 9a873d51ba fixed some triggers not getting hit after using callback_dict, when used on an empty database 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 4461f1a6cb moved storqage and debug logs to their respective options folders 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 9ece0f42a9 adjusted gitignore to accommodate the new directory structure in options 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt a303b21853 added comman line argument for settings to be used. can set this to a folder name inside options. 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 2ea0a531ba removed need for password use, can now connect to localhost passwordless 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 86746c42d4 Fixing PEPs, some code cleanup, removed some unused arguments from functions. Monday Morning Maintenance ^^ 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 1b64585614 added early exit gate for say to player if the player is not online or indeed unknown 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 9291436499 automatic code cleanup 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 8d4456f42a removed duplicate imports 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f48a1676bb removed unused function 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 0dc935e4e6 fixed another small bug causing a template to not load 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 72255f252c fixed small bug causing a template to not load 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f8d395a821 fixed some PEPs 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 404ad66f18 added error message to teleport action 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f862846796 aded ERROR code for Fail successes... there's a few weird actions that throw a fail on negative success, like muting. yeah, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 620c030d69 added debug flag for cleaner bug hunting, always commenting thing out wasn't all that great! 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt c9ac53c720 fixed sayplayer regex for delivery confirmation 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 18d5cad054 write action exceptions to the debug log 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 75e1291661 enhanced coloring for the ported back message 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 1a54250100 set the wrong variable for location coordinates, it will now send you back as expected 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 0f5cbd3d47 fixed spawns not saving correctly 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 7fe4cdbe6c tinkered with a bunch of styles. 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 8655f6d2e8 finally fixed delete modal not covering the whole area 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt bc689cbe6d grouped error codes for whatever reason. just felt right ^^ 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 41307e8b78 code cleanup for some actions 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 5fc9871555 simplified waiting for a telnet response for most cases by offloading the core to a function 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 0336b58a65 removed mentions of the BCM mod 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f00dd06d72 removed mentions of the BCM mod 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 314e62d69c player muting is now using the chrani-mod 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 53ae157b90 simplified module calling. All loaded modules are now integrated into the chrani_bot root 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 7e41d61bd8 removed unused 'onslaught command' stub 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt f3b4ecd295 moved telnet_commands uuid removal to the actions issuing the commands. not optimal, but better than sitting in the module mixin. at least the removal now happens in the same place than the init. take care not to forget to include it manually whenever you create a telnet action 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt 3e27c6d50b removed discord hook and functionality. That's something for later for sure! 3 months ago
  Christian Voigt e2a3ba36a8 fixed dom actions not issuing the right callbacks (delete and select) 4 months ago
  Christian Voigt 8c2f786420 streamlined error reporting a bit. only noteworthy errors will be stored. this will have to be configurable in the future! 4 months ago
  Christian Voigt 73afc678b6 removed commands and packages relying on the Bad Company Mod 4 months ago
  Christian Voigt 79e073d1ae minor PEP fix 4 months ago