Companion mod required for the chrani-bot-tng to work properly.
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Companion mod for the chrani-bot-tng.


This mod should enable the chrani-bot-tng to be ´on it's own´, without needing to rely on third-party closed-source projects, as it does currently.

This mod shall provide all functions required to get the chrani-bot-tng running.

I would not argue against more functions, perhaps beneficial for other servers as well, so feel free to branch out and contribute. This project will always stay open-source and can be freely used by anyone.

Current state

There's currently only one feature that might be of benefit to servers not running the chrani-bot: chat lines starting with ´/´ will not be displayed for other players.

Core Functions

  • hides any chat-entry starting with a ´/´

  • muteplayerchat console-command (for the session)
    muteplayerchat steamid [true|false]