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Tools to modify a 7dtd-world


A complete set of tools to edit, modify or create a new map from scratch!

Current state

Well, we have a barebone framework for the World-Regions-Widget You can do very basic editing on existing world maps, like swapping regions with stored ones. It's making some use of threading, I'm not an expert though. The UI won't freeze up, that's the main thing. Can't get it to crash either, which is a good sign ^^

Core Functions

Loading of 7dtd RAW map files (dtm.raw, any RAW 16bit grayscale that's stored in order) (CTRL+O) Saving of any loaded map (CTRL+S) Swap/Load any existing region with a region file on disk (shift + right-click for context menu) Saving of any individual region in RAW format (shift + right-click for context menu)

proper Zooming in and out and navigating in a loaded map (Wheel, rightMouseDrag)
Visually marking and unmarking regions of a loaded 7dtd map file (CTRL+leftMouse)
Identifying region strings (Statusbar on Hover)