Python script to monitor and control a 7 Days to Die server remotely via webinterface with in-game bot commands and in response to the games own actions.

Updated 8 months ago

Companion mod required for the chrani-bot-tng to work properly.

Updated 1 year ago

Tools to view, edit and create 7dtd world-maps

Updated 2 years ago

providing tools to create noise maps with various parameters. These can be used to create viable terrain in the upcoming terrain_generator_widget

Updated 2 years ago

Widget to load, alter and save the 7dtd raw world file (dtm.raw), or any file with square, headerless, sequential 16bit grayscale data

Updated 2 years ago

A complete set of cursors for all things Chrani!

Updated 2 years ago

Just for training purposes

Updated 3 years ago